by Peter Marus

I got done with my first week of work. SO far so good. Sure I have to get used to the hours, but so far I am liking the shift I am still waiting for my bosses to put someone else in the afternoons, but the current arraignment is ok. I rather have someone else full-time in the afternoons so I can show them how I want the pantries set up for the mornings, and also it's good to have another set of hands around to give me a hand with setups and some of the duties that have to get done.

I work a block from the Today show, and today they had Bruce Springsteen performing. I hate, repeat HATE, Springsteen, almost as much as Bon Jovi. Springsteen has been following the shtick he's created for years, the “I'm a common man singing about the common people.” BULLSHIT!! First off, the past decade of his career has been capitalizing on tragedies and some controversies so he can make some cash off of some mediocre song he wrote. How can he say he lives among the people when he's living in exclusive gated communities? He's not a bad performer, but he's not as good as the hype makes him out to be, and he's the biggest example of “all sizzle, no steak.” Want an example of a performer who believes what he says and truly speaks for the people he represent? John Mellencamp. His career was writing songs about the midwest and the plight of the people there, something he grew up through and really experienced. Even today he works to raise money for the poor of the midwest, and the farmers that struggle. I guess you can say this about all the old-school folk and country artists that they write about their experiences in their lives and still work and raise money for those like them. These people use their fame and talent to help others, while frauds like Springsteen use theirs for heir own agenda and profit, but to put up the front of doing a charity show every so often.

Then again this is my opinion and people are entitled to enjoy Springsteen if it does give them joy. l find joy in things I don't see any in, and vice versa. Like I said, if you tae what I write here as fact, rather than what it really is, just my mind diarrhea, then you are one sad person.

One last thing. I have gotten my mind back to where I want it to be, and I have to take responsibility for what I have said or did to those who I upset or frustrated the past several months due to my mind not being right. I could just go “oh it was the meds”, just like a drunk can go “oh I was drunk” when he does wrong, but I'm not a pussy like that and won't use any excuse for a crutch. I am a man and I will take responsibility for what I did and say. I feel like fantastic now, and after getting a clean bill of health form the doctor about my blood and piss tests, I am so at ease now.