by Peter Marus

My weekend came and gone, and I don't remember much of it. After my nightmare of a week last week, a lot of drinking happened, and I really don't remember what happened. I do knot it involved me vomiting, screaming a lot in my house, and me passing out on my couch. Still remember what happened last week, so erasing that shit failed. Though it is a good thing-since it reminded me, as I always say, as a human being I am better than 90 percent of people in this world. After the past couple days and the stories i heard and seen in the news, that was really reaffirmed that I truly am better than most people. Not to mention the warm glow of the torches others carry for me (I still see some do check on me-pathetic, but if you regret choosing someone second-rate rather staying around a real man, deal with it).

I have been looking around my basement, and I found quite a bit of stuff I got to sell. Maybe I'll make enough on it to pay for my Iphone. II thought I may suck selling my R/C stuff, but considering I've haven't used it in months, and I just have no passion or motivation to, It's going to be easy to. Like I said, I can use the money I get to my Iphone. I'm still debating if I am going to attempt to get one at an Apple Store, or go to an AT&T store and preorder one. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions (or even any “ins” to get one), let me know. I know Apple has a site that updates what stores have the phone in stock, but I dont know if when it says it has the phone in at the 5th ave store, that it's there NOW, or it will be there at some point the next day.

One commercial I've heard a lot lately on Xm, other than dick creams, porno shops, lawyers getting drunks out of DUIs, and some dog pill, is the promo for the Coldplay channel they have all month. First off, how can they be a rock band if they have ZERO personality, and whatever jokes they tried in their promo was as funny and gleeful as a documentary on Auschwitz. Coldyplay's music is the type that if I were on the fence of killing myself and had the gun to my head, if their music came of the radio at that moment, it would make pulling the trigger easier. Seriously, they are nothing more than a bunch of hipsters who wish they were emo fags, and fail at both attempts. If Coldplay and Radiohead are considered the “new British invasion”, as their success was billed at some point, no wonder we kicked the Brits' asses in the late 1700s and had to save their asses TWICE in both World Wars.