by Peter Marus

Just was thinking about with the dawn of the power locks, the test I said the other day may be a tad dated (but still damn effective when used). I have been doing a lot of observing since I'm on the “bench” when it comes to dating right now and I came up with another test for the guy to employ on a chick.

Let's say you take her to a movie, concert, sporting event, or anywhere you have to sit with her. I'll go with movie right now since that's the most common scenario. When you get your ticket, go directly to the theater to get your seat and settle in. If she says she wants something from the concession stand before you get to your seat-bad sign, shows she's only thinking more of herself and her hunger rather than the date and you. Now, if she doesn't say that and you two get a seat in the theater first, wait 3-5 minutes before asking if she wants something from the stand. If in that time frame she says she wants to go to the stand and get something, again bad and she's thinking of herself. If you have to ask her to get something for you (as in she didn't ask you if you want anything), worse move. Shows she really is a “me first” person and won't show you the respect you deserve and only worry about her. When the wrong thing happens, the guy should just say to himself “she's losing points and another chance to be treated to another phone call, let alone another date.” Now if she says she is going to the bathroom and comes back with food, get up and just leave her there. Let her figure out a way home herself. That is the worst thing a woman can do to show how selfish she is. In this day and age of cell phones, she couldn't call you from line to ask you what you want?

Why am I so about seeing how selfish she is, and why is there so much put on little things like what I described? Simple, little things show big things about someone. Also, if she is like this on a simple date, it will get worse when bigger things come up, and why put yourself through that bullshit? Oh, you say sh may be nervous about the date? Well I am never nervous on a date because I know what I say and do is the real me, and I always have been told if you aren't hiding/lying about anything, why would you be nervous when it comes to showing that you are telling the truth? If there's stress/drama in anything, it's not going to work or be fun. Besides, like I said in another entry, if we men are going to still be held to a high standard, so should the chick.

Ok for all the ladies that still read this, particularly the ones who used to go out with me and didn't back up all their talk. Thank you. It were you gals who molded me into the man I am now, and showed me the light. If it wasn't for the bullshit you put me through, i wouldn't have gotten to the point where I feel great about myself and at peace. Sure, I am guessing you still pine for me and wish you had another chance (why else would you still be reading this-I sure as hell can care less about you now since you didn't give me what I wanted), but that ship has sailed and you have to live with the regret of letting a man go away from you, and you'll have to settle with whatever boy you can find.

Now for a total subject switch but something on my mind lately: Emo music. Bands like AFI, New Found Glory, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, and Taking Back Sunday are considered Emo bands. First let's call it for what it really is-homo music. This is the bullshit they are trying to pass as the new “alternative”. These whiny, makeup wearing, failed abortions sing about the most trite shit. Like their mommy or daddy didn't get them the BMW they wanted and now they are depressed, or that the other rich chick wouldn't give them the time of day, and now their world is collapsing. This is the result of the Clinton years of prosperity, where these brats didn't have to worry about their parent's being out of work and didn't have to worry about being thrown out of the house because they couldn't afford to live there. I blame the parents not smacking these kids around or trying to toughen them up. All the parents did was coddle them into the soft, pansies that they became.

How dare people compare them to bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains. When the bands of the '90s sung about depression and suicide, they really meant it and felt it since they lived through the '80s, when the economy sucked, and just a real dark period in the history of the country when it came to family life and stability. I guess it's just a case of music reflecting the times, just sucks that the times we live in is where pussies rule and real talk, attitude, and just real life has to be nice and all-inclusive. Maybe the world will get back to the point where everyone was treated by others equally and if you had a problem with someone you could freely tell them what you think about it without fear. Maybe the world will get back to a point where whatever is said or done is looked at by the context of how it is said rather than just the words. One can only dream