by Peter Marus

and now, some positive words for the newly graduated college seniors out there, full of hope....


So you are out of the gated community of College, and you better get to the back of the line and fight for a job. No more is it a time where Mommy and Daddy will protect you form the real world, where they tell you how special you are as the coddle you. You're in the real world bitches. You better be ready that 90% of the things you will do will result in failure. In the real world, you will not get a job....just because. You have to fight and claw and endure looking for a job, struggling with money, struggling to live. You can not rely on anyone but yourself. You are NOT entitled to a GODDAMN thing in this world, so stop with the smug look when you walk around thinking you are owed everything in this world, and that pouting you don't get what you want. Just shut the FUCK up and move on. Now is not the time to sit here and reflect on your feelings, and get all sensitive where you try to analyze what happened. This isn't a psychology session. this is REAL FUCKING LIFE!!! As the Wu Tang Clan once said, "You gotta protect ya goddamn neck!!!"

So you can sit there and think that this world is supposed to be one where humans help each other, and hat we are supposed to hold each other's hand through every single thing we go through....BZZZZZ WRONG!! As many people will help, sure, but for every one of those people there are 100 others that will stomp on you until you submit. Oh, you think it will be different for you? Because you "know how it is"? Don't make me laugh, in college you had everything paid for you or you had your cute part time job that catered to your needs, but most of the money came form the sweat of your parents. In college you were allowed to be a fuckup as long a you did teh absolute minimum. You probably were dumb enough to major in a dying major like Journalism, or Media and think you know what to do to succeed. Take it form someone who walked into that don't know shit about a moving target. So keep the pathetic dream alive as you drown in the debt you caused your parents,

Oh, are you spineless now thinking that dark, scary world is going to eat you up? I know what you're thinking: I'll go to graduate school. Good move shithead-rack up even more debt for a glorified BA degree. You're just delaying the inevitable-crying poor while holding up your pretty piece of paper while the responsible working folk like me have to foot your bill.

Now, I am a college graduate and learned all this the hard way. I won't give you advice since I never really got much when I got out of college. Also, I did the insane thing: I never really took a hand out form my family. I could have did the easy thing and went working at one of my relative's jobs, but I thought I'd earn my spot and go my own way. I learned more going that route than I would have going the easy way (what most of you spineless maggots would/will take-since you don't know what earning in life is really about). My cousin did it even harder-he worked AND paid for school. That did more for him than someone paying his way. Honestly, if he and his wife choose to not pay for their kids' college, should that is what the child wants to do, not only would I not say anything I would respect that option.

I said in that last part should the child choose to go to college. I said that because I think those who push their kids to go into college are being negligent parents. If Kids aren't feeling college, why waste their time and you money? I think a college degree is highly overrated these days, and if I were to give advice to a kid just out of high school not sure about college, I'd tell them take classes in Microsoft Office programs, some typing classes, and go get an entry level job in a company, via temp firm or not. Let them see what working is like, and if they do well they have a foot in the door into a company that can lead to a good career. Think I'm talking bullshit? think it's a stupid idea? Look at your friends and people around you, I guarantee you at least one person around you is making more money and didn't go to college.

I can't think of what else I can tell the children just starting out in the world, since everyone knows what's good for them. I will enjoy watching the stupid children finally see that they have to take responsibility for themselves and their actions and see it's not Mommy or Daddy's house where they are safe. It will be like Darwin rules, where only the smart and strong survive, and maybe a couple whiny babies kill themselves and choose not to be a burden on society. I will leave you with a quote I learned to live by that actually came from my favorite wrestler of all time, Taz:

"Beat me if you can, Survive if I let you!"