by Peter Marus

I’m sick of hearing the “rent control” people crying that their rent is going up. I heard a woman cry that her rent is going up 2%….this is a woman that pays less than $600 a month for a 3 BEDROOM APARTMENT!!!! You cant’ get a closet in this city for less than $700!!! The rent went up about 2% for one-year leases and about 4% for two-year leases…that ain’t much, and honestly after reading about how much these people pay for rent, I don’t blame the landlords trying to force them out to get a “regular” rate person in.

I had the displeasure of hearing the “Air America” radio network today (I was in a store that had it on…I think this is the only store in the City that didn’t have Lite FM on). Now, I’m not anti-liberal, but this is the worst station I’ve ever heard….it’s one thing to be liberal, it’s another to revolve your programming around hack comics and “personalities” that just mock whatever the conservative radio hosts are saying. I think in the time I listened to it today, not one thing that was said was original; it was all regurgitating what the conservatives said and then passing remarks about it. Maybe if they actually reported something or stated facts to offer a counterpoint, it wouldn’t be bad. But when I was able to, I changed the station, something most people who hate something for some odd reason doesn’t do.

That always got me, these conservative parent council (pussies) organizations spend more time listening to a radio show or watching a TV show that they think is offensive MORE than the fans of the show. Of course, they are just “researching” the show, but it just blows my mind that people who hate something devote more energy and time to it, than they do to something they love. Another thing that makes me laugh is when a “soccer mom” says that she heard something on a station she was listening to while her kids are in the car she found offensive, but the detail usually left out is that she was listening to the station knowing that this questionable material was on…so in the name of cleaning up society for her kids, she exposes her kids to this stuff….what dumb fucking logic!!!!

I also find stay-at-home moms insane. There was a show on debating the stay-at-home mom vs. the working mom. And listening to the stay-at-home mothers say that the working mom is destroying the fabric of our society because the woman is working (who has to in order to help support her family just as her husband is working as hard) just really got me laughing. If I said that, I’m a sexist pig, and I believe the things this woman was saying she had to sit there for hours and think up. On the bright side, there was a couple on this show that said they didn’t want kids because they felt they weren’t ready for them (money-wise, emotionally, etc.) I thought this was great to show that there are people out there that don’t’ just get married and then start popping out kids because they felt it was their responsibility. This is how I feel, if I get married, I don’t even want to think kids for at least 2-5 years after marriage, just so that I can have a solid foundation under me should I choose to have one (odds are against me having a kid BTW). Then there’s those idiots that knock up their chicks and married because they were too stupid to pull out or make sure the condom was on right, these are the most of the 50% of divorces in the US. That’s a whole other rant for another time, I may start bitching about family-stuff again.