by Peter Marus

Today I chose to do something a little different. Since I have this Twitter account (which is pmarus78 if you use Twitter), I decided to use it as a “notepad” for my thoughts, and not only let whoever sees it know what is on my mind, but also let me put down ideas to talk about in this blog. All they would be are just snippets that I would expand on here.

So today I get up, and feel bad. Not in a sick way, just guilty that I should be getting up to go to work. After breakfast and shower, I go out to get the papers and look around in some of the shops. One thing that kept getting my attention is the hot Latinas walking around. I live in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood, so this revelation isn’t really new. I did get to see one with a fantastic ass, and I found myself staring at it as she walked in front of me. As I was walking around the scenery was fantastic and delicious. Of course most ended up being moms, but whatever they looked damn good. Maybe when I get things together I should try to make my acquaintance with one or two of these ladies around my neighborhood or in the city somewhere, preferably one without children. Hey, what can I say, I love women with some curves and some cushion for some pushin’.

Along the walk as well, I was looking for some luggage for this trip. The stores on Roosevelt Avenue in Queens had some, but I didn’t trust most of the stores, the stuff looked cheaply made, and some of the shop owners looked like terrorists. I was going to buy a bag from one, but I didn’t feel sure about getting it there. I don’t want my money funding some Jihad.

Later on today I went and finally got a bag and some of those bags that you can push the air out of to make what you have in the bag smaller and therefore have more room. I get home and get some clothes to test the bags out. The bags work pretty well, but the bag I bought is a little too small to handle all the clothes and stuff I am going to need. Luckily I have a slightly bigger bag that will fit the bill. I am doing my best to minimize how much I take up since the car I am going up is going to be packed from what I was told. So far it looks like I’ll be having a large duffle bag for all my clothes and toiletries and stuff like that, and a computer messenger bag for my laptop and whatever electronics I take with me.

So after I figured all that out, I watched some TV. Unemployment sucks since there’s no one else to hang out…since they all have jobs. I came across some crap on TV that I had to look for on Youtube to put up and show you the garbage that is advertised on TV.

First is this fine produce. People are huffing oxygen to “energize” themselves. When I was a kid it was deemed wrong and dangerous, but now pay 20 bucks and you somehow get energized...

Next is the Shamwow cloth. I can care less about the product, but this guy I just find Creepy, and I want to punch him and his stupid hair rather than buy this:

Sorry, this is guy is even creepier. The guy looks more of a pedophile than a salesman.