by Peter Marus

I watched part of the debates tonight, and I still have no idea who to vote for. I reality I may not vote for anyone this year, since none of any of the candidates fit my standards, which is the same standards I hold for anyone. Most of these candidates either are one-trick ponies (Clinton saying she's the former first lady, Rudy for just happening to be mayor during 9/11, McCain for being a war vet), or just bullshit artists. These guys all have one thing in common; all have talked a lot of talk, and didn't come through in the end, and then had the audacity for not taking responsibility for it and blame others for their fuckup. I”ve had a lot of these types in my life, and usually while I live up to all that I say, and do what I say I will do, these people will talk all this shit, telling me what they want from me, or what they promise what will happen and they will do all they can to make things happen, then when it's time for them to prove themselves, they choose not to, but then won't take any responsibility for their letdown (I can care less about apologies, since those can be hollow-taking responsibility means they accept whatever consequences come from their failure), then they try to blame other things in their lives as to why they couldn't get things done. See, as far as I am concerned, you put yourself in the position of telling me what you are going to do, and the fact you didn't come through shows how little you respect or value me. If you come up to me and say “hey I take responsibility for not living up to what I said”, I won't be as mad at you, though you would still have to deal with whatever comes out of it-which could include me telling you to go fuck yourself.

Now, some may be saying I should compromise and pick someone that is as close to my values to vote for. Well unlike most people, I'm not a sellout. I have tried the compromise route before, even somewhat recent. Know what I got out of it?? nothing that in the end was worth my time, and even got called selfish for my compromises I did. I even got a few people upset with me. So if it means I don't see anyone that fits me and my values, I”m not going to waste my vote on them. Much like I won't waste my time on people who don't fit my values.

Wanna know something funny? Some people who told me to go fuck myself or I've told to STILL read this!!! I don't get it, if I don't want anything to do with them, I don't go stalking them. And Vice Versa. Hey, if you want to know about me and what's going on, you should have lived up to all your talk.

One more thing that I don't get, College football for some reason has gone the way of society and became pussified. they allow half of the Div 1-a teams to have a bowl game. Any team that makes it to 6-6 is able to play. To me, I thought the bowls were a reward for good teams. But now every other team can play, and in stupid gimmick bowls or bowls that happen to turn out to be one more home game for one team. It's like in pee-wee soccer or any sport and EVERYONE gets a prize, which cheapens awards for the good players/teams. When I played sports as a kid, I did get a shitty ribbon, but all the god players and teams got trophies or better ribbons. that's how life works: if you do well you get rewarded. So what College football should do is have it where only teams in the top 25 are eligible for bowl games. First it eliminates the frivolous bowls, and then it means better bowl games overall. On top of it, the BCS is supposed to be the end all, be all games right? So why is there two non-BCS bowl games being played during that time? It should be the BCS only bowls after Jan 1. Any time Rutgers are in a bowl game, there's something wrong with the system!!!