by Peter Marus

So all is right in the world after today. Penn State won, Notre Dame lost, and as of 9:30 the Sox are winning. So I got nothing to complain about. PSU has another big game next week against Ohio State. the good news is that the fame is in Happy Valley, so the home crowd should help PSU in the game. Even if they lose it should be a close game.

I spent the day today resting and thinking. I was thinking about what I did last week that really bothered me. I said a lot of things that at the time I thought was the right thing to say, but looking back and reading probably one of the most angry emails I ever got. I can admit I was wrong. I know the two things I did wrong. First I didn't fully listen to someone, and that was the route of the anger. I never thought I could get someone I care for and who cares about me angry to a point where things that were said were said. I won't say any in the email I got were out of line, but I will say that after what I originally wrote, I kinda deserved all that was said. I also did something I didn't realize I did: I didn't really appreciate what this person has done for me. I honestly thought that I did show the proper appreciation, but I guess I didn't. Hopefully this incident is done and can be put in the past and things can move forward.