by Peter Marus

Something I noticed all day: Why the hell do any sports team that plays in an outdoor stadium play on anything other than natural grass? I notice more and more stadiums are going with that crap fake grass. In this age of technology and science, you mean to tell me that NO ONE has developed a breed of natural grass that can handle cold weather, and the abuse any sport can put on it? All these sports have been around for decades and you would have thought that grass technology would be at the point where it can handle almost anything. Fake grass looks like shit, and makes the game too sterile. I want to see divots in the field, I want to see a torn up field at the end of the football season. It may affect the outcome of the game, but at the same time it adds to the home field advantage of a team.

I go to Giants Stadium for soccer games, and seeing a soccer game oh this rubber field doesn't look like a real game. The ball rolls faster on the ground, and the players move too “perfect” on the field due to no real slipping or tearing up the grass. OK, the Giants and Jets both can tear up a field, but you mean to tell me that with the Billions the teams take in, they can't afford the upkeep on the field? I'm glad Penn State hasn't followed the trend of pussy schools like Michigan, Ohio State, Wisconsin, and a lot of the other Big Ten schools and go to artificial grass. I don't want to see a field stay looking the same at the end of the game as it did in the beginning. I want to see old-school looking football where a team has to overcome the other team and the conditions they are playing in. I used to love seeing the Pats on TV playing their payoff games on a torn up field. It showed what real football should look like. It may gave them an advantage, but that's what they should have at home-oh wait the NFL's ultimate goal is all teams go 8-8 and play the exact same offense/defense, which is why College football always is better than Pro to watch.

that's all I got to say about this, probably have more I could say but I don't have it on my mind right now...