by Peter Marus

Just some quick hits as I am about to fall asleep, but sad I was going to write something here for you people. See what I do for the tons of fan I have??

-if anyone that reads this even chuckles at the ad for the new Kevin James movie , which apparently is about a security guard going to save the mall from crooks, kill yourself. You don't know what is funny. You and whoever said it was ok to spend money on making it should be stoned to death and your bodies should be dragged around the streets.

-went to Newark today for some Brazilian food and an indoor soccer game. the food was great, along with the drinks at the game, but the game itself and the bar we went to after stunk. Indoor soccer is garbage and in all honesty I only went there to hang out with some friends. I doubt they read this crap, but thanks Binks for coming up with the event, and thanks to all the ESC people today-it was a good time.

-I may break down and make a Facebook account. First me into it makes it uncool I think and second if I do it, I'll whore it out here some point this week.

-Finally, the famous speech from "The Warriors", I saw it and was thinking that Obama sounds a lot like Cyrus. Of course the last part of the video is something no one wants to see happen to Obama, but the first part sounds a lot like him and it would be cool if he could deliver a speech this powerful when he's sworn in: