by Peter Marus

J-E-T-S HA HA HA!!!!! I cannot be happier to see the Jets fail once again. It made me feel so good that it made the Giant’s loss irrelevant (but it was pointless anyway since they already got the #1 seed). Seeing Favre fall apart like that put so much joy in my heart, I can’t describe it. My hatred for the Jets runs deep, and was made deeper the past several years. I don’t know why I wish so much ill will on the team, but I do so that’s how it is. To me, the Jets didn’t do anything more than what the Lions did this year-both are loser teams this year and the only thing that separates them is that the Lions had enough class to give up early and not tease their fans with hope.

This glorious news came later in the day. Earlier in the day I got the coolest toy from Best Buy. I picked up the Buick of remotes- the Logitech Harmony 550 universal remote. I only got the Buick of remotes because I couldn’t afford the Cadillac of remotes, which was like $200. I needed a new universal remote since the Phillips one I did have bit the dust. I got home, setup the software on the Mac, got all the info on my components in my entertainment center, and in at most 20 minutes I had the remote setup. I have it setup to turn on all that is needed to watch TV with the push of a button, and I also set it up to turn on all that is needed to play videogames as well as listen to music/watch movies on my Apple TV (which the remote works surprising well). I can’t recommend this remote any more-go out and get it if you want to clear up that coffee table/living room full of remotes.

Last night had probably the most exciting UFC event I’ve seen, where all the bouts ended with knockouts. “Rampage” Jackson just cold-cocked Vanderlei Silva with the most vicious punch I’ve seen. Frank Mir came out and knocked out “Minotauro” Noguera to with the Interim Heavyweight title and will have a re-match with Brock Lesnar to unify the title. Rashad Evans proved why he’s one of the best fighters out there by winning the light-heavyweight title from Forrest Griffin. Evans seems to get a lot of flack, but the fact he’s undefeated and did that by beating the best fighters in the world and won the title should shut a lot of people up.
And now to end this entry-MASHUPS!!! Yeah I look for this crap on the internet, among other things.