by Peter Marus

Yeah it’s been a while since I wrote here, and I said I would try to do this everyday. Well, things don’t work out the way you hope (look at me life for example). I have been in a lot of pain the past couple days. I must have slept wrong (well, sleeping without a beautiful woman next to/on top of you is always wrong….but that’s another entry) and wrenched my back. It’s not a constant pain, but one that comes and goes. It’s really annoying because if I get up or move in a certain way, it really hurts, but then it doesn’t hurt all of a sudden. Odd, but I have to live with it.

I put up my first Ebay auction, and they charged me for it (they charge for all auctions, probably to make sure they get some money out of it even if you don’t sell). I cost me about 7 bucks for the minimal options, and they are going to get a piece of whatever I get for what I’m selling, assuming I sell it. I have a reserve price on what I’m selling, and if the final bid doesn’t match at least that, I can choose not to sell it. So far I got a bunch of people “watching” the auction (they are probably waiting till the end, in 9 days, to really bid) and I got 2 bids so far. I’m not worried about it now, the bidding should pick up in a couple days, and especially at the end of the auction.

Other than that, I haven’t gotten an assignment with that temp agency yet. I checked in today, and he they had nothing. I did say I’m available for next week, so maybe after the three-day weekend I’ll have something. I’m praying that I get something soon, I could use the money!!!

I did my second column on Tuesday. It was nice that some people responded to it and gave me ideas on stuff to write about for my latest column. I think of all I wrote for the last column, probably 40% of it was from emails I got or ideas I got from them. I should start my next one this weekend. The last one I started on Sunday, then added to it on Monday and Tuesday, and by Tuesday afternoon I had it edited to the length and content I wanted and sent it to the webmaster.

I got nothing else to talk about as far as my life goes, hopefully over this weekend I’ll get the news I’m looking for. It’s been a while since I got an update on this one person I’ve concerned for, and I hope to hear more about the situation the person is in, and hopefully I can help out with it.