by Peter Marus

This weekend has been one of positivity. This weekend, my cousin, who I consider more of a brother than cousin, and his wife were blessed with the birth of their first child. They rushed to the Friday night, and this morning, their daughter was born. I haven’t personally seen the child yet. When I went to visit, the mother was half asleep, and my cousin went home to get some stuff done, so I just spent a few minutes, dropped my gift off, and went home. I’m sure I’ll get yelled at for the gift-in which I spent too much on something for them-but dammit, they deserve it, and actually deserve more considering what they have done for me in the past. On top of this good news, another cousin and his wife are finalizing the paperwork on adopting a child form a surrogate mother. See, I always said that those who do right and good will be rewarded in the end. My two cousins, who have had to deal with some real rough stuff, always did the right things in life to others and now they are being blessed in this way. I hope both of them never question if they are doing the right thing in life-what they have received recently and will receive soon is proof enough they are.

On that nice point, I am moving to some other things that mean nothing. First is my Mac Mini is on its way. I ordered it last week, and have been waiting. I ordered it with express shipping, but the thing is that apparently it doesn’t mean much when ordering directly form Apple. See, my computer’s origin is from China, probably since I had some custom ordered some aspects. So now my computer may also be being used as a heroin mule. Looking at the tracking status, it was in China for a few days-probably walked from the factory to the Fed Ex depot there. as of Sunday night it’s in the US-it left Nashville today. It should arrive Wednesday, but who the hell knows. Funny fact; I also ordered a mini DVI-to-VGA adaptor I need to connect the Mac Mini to my TV. That arrived 2 days after I ordered. I would have figured both would have been sent at the same time, but since my Mini was coming form the other side of the world (thanks globalization of the economy), I understand.

some quick shots before I go to bed:

-Seeing the new ESC sweatshirt and the logo on the back, that has given me some inspiration for a tattoo. I’ve been trying to figure out a cool tattoo for my leg, and that has sort of given me an idea. I’m really picky about what I want to put on my body, so that’s why I am taking so long to figure out what I want to do.

-The website thing has ground to a halt, but this week I am going to force myself to start working on it. It may start out really basic and text only, and maybe later on I’ll add more.

-Two shows you all should dvr and will enjoy: “Bully Beatdown” and “Dhani Tackles the Globe”. “Bully Beatdown is hosted by MMA fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller. It sounds like a bad comedy bit or commercial, but he premise of the show is that he helps out people who are bullied. What he does is that he challenges these bullies to a fight, with $10,000 on the line, but the bully fights another MMA fighter. The fight is broken down into two parts: grappling and kickboxing. The grappling part is where they wrestle for 5 minutes and every time the bully taps out, he loses $1000 of the $10,000. the second part, kickboxing is just that for 5 minutes. If the bully gets knocked out, he loses all the money. It’s really a great show and good to see scum get their asses kicked by guys who aren’t bullies-but guys who are anything but and do stick up for the little guy. It’s also the only show that’s good on MTV these days

The second show, “Dhani tackles the Globe,” features NFL linebacker Dhani Jones traveling around the world playing local sports and learning about the culture through training and playing the sports. He says in the opening “If you want to learn about a culture, play their sports.” Its’ a fascinating show in the Travel Channel, and one worth checking out

-Finally, I need to thank Direct TV for coming up with their Iphone app. It’s saved my ass several times. It’s an app where you can search shows and see when they are airing. You can also schedule your DVR through it. That’s what I’ve done several times already, and I do that rather than going through the channel guide on my box. It’s just simple and a great app if you got Direct TV.