by Peter Marus

Today would be my dad's birthday. he would have been 68. Yeah he died when he wasn't a spring chicken, but at the same time, still sucked he died out of the blue, especially after all the things he did to make sure he was healthy. So happy Birthday dad

I think I am getting sick. My throat is bothering me and I just feel like crap. Par for the course as far as I care, considering the weather changes and all. I also think it's my body telling me to stop trying to party like it's still college! Man last weekend was fun, but expensive. My body ain't built to party all weekend anymore. I'm 29 and feel old. Eh, oh well. It is what it is. stop trying to party like the Horseman, and it wasn't even close to that last weekend. Instead of it being limousine riding, jet flying, wheeling dealing and kiss stealing; it was more like taxi riding, indigestion having, horse ass slapping, and double cock-block witnessing.

I am really getting frustrated with a lot in my life, which isn't helping my overall feeling. Work is ok at best, but there's a lot of little things that are adding up to put me in the red. It can get irritating, but at the same time, they could have me working both shifts until they get another person to work in the building. SO I guess it's cool for now. It does suck that I have to clean up the messes and mistakes of the people my bosses have come in the afternoon to check up and close down, but whatever, I keep getting told it shouldn't be that much longer. I do know they are working on the situation, since they begged me to come in yesterday on my scheduled day off due to being so understaffed. Still have to find out what happens to my day off now since I worked on it. But at least it shows I am a team player, and hopefully that leads to something good down the road. I have some other things I have in my life that are frustrating the hell out of me, but I am not going to get into them. Mostly because they are all out of my control and I know all i have done so far is the best I can, and now I have to see if my efforts are good enough to get the desired results.