by Peter Marus

Even more random stuff

-Seems karma hasn't finished paying off all the good I've done. I was awarded employee of the month for all the work I did last month. I get an extra paid day off to use at some point this year. Doesn't sound much but hey, I'll take any recognition I can get. So far a lot of all my good work has been paid off, but hoping for a big payday down the road. Well not hoping, but considering all the shit I've been through and what I have had to do for myself and others, there has to be a return on my investment at some point

-Watch any UK-based film, especially ones about soccer, and you'll be treated to the artform of using the C-word. Really amazing how beautiful they use the word!!!

-Listening to Rage Against the Machine's song “No Shelter” always makes me laugh. The song is about how American media and advertising is distorting Americans view the world. What I find funny is that the song was featured on the soundtrack of “Godzilla”, and in the song it trashes American movies and media companies. I don't know why, but I always giggle when I hear it.

-As nice as the weather is when it comes to the eye-candy walking around my job and in my building, it' shell on my arthritic ankle.

-My last post was my 300th, never thought about it, but I did write a lot. Most of it is shit, but I did write a lot. I honestly never read most of it after it was posted. I have a strange thing about not reading my stuff, mostly because I know I'll end up micromanage it and redo it to water down what I was going to say. Funny part is that if I have to write something important, I will still down write it out, and make sure my words are correct, and I get told how beautiful i write and how whatever I need to say is not only represented, but represented correctly and clearly understood.

Eh, that's all I got tonight....