by Peter Marus

Just thought I would put some quotes I have heard in my life, and many of which I live my life by. I told you of the newest one “Never treat anyone as a priority when you are only an option”, but here are several ones I like and take to heart.

“Beat me if you can, Survive if I let you”-former pro wrestler Taz

“Don't think you are, know you are”-from the movie “the Matrix”

“To be the man, You have to beat the man”-former pro wrestler Ric Flair

“Pity is a four-letter word, and so is quit..”-from the Sevendust song, “Feed”

“Just when you think you have all the answers, I change the question.” -former pro wrestler Roddy Piper

“Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat”-Former Pro wrestler, and former Governor of Minnesota Jesse “The body” Ventura

“If it feels right, go with it”-someone from my past who told me this.

Finally an evil thought: I thought of this seeing all the Iowa flood footage, and how much of the flooding is of biblical proportions. I thought there has to be some Republicans in their party that want to run an ad that says:

“Iowa voted for Obama to win in their primary, Iowa suffered possibly the worst natural disaster in history, Do you want that to happen to you? vote for John McCain, the candidate for President of the United States of America, and save yourself from the wrath of the lord for your sinful choices”

Fucked up, but you know this is going through the heads of some of these bible-thumping jackasses. You know the one that said what happened to New Orleans was due to the sin of the French Quarter...but oops the French Quarter was safe form most of the damage.....