by Peter Marus

I had three different text message conversations today. Two of which has made me absolutely enraged over a couple subject that really bother me about humanity and how much part of humanity is fucked up. In all honestly, if I didn't have eh third conversation today, which took my mind off all this and made me remember how good of a person I am and how I live the life of the righteous, I would have been in a really bad mood all day. To the person who I had the third conversation with, I don't name names but the conversation was around 10 today, thanks for the slight moment of calming and peace.

OK one conversation that I had was about the question “Is there an acceptable reason to cheat on your mate?” I'll give my answer first. I believe there is NO reason that is acceptable. If you don't like the person you are with, break it off before you start looking elsewhere. How fucking hard is that? When you are with someone, you are saying that you are loyal only to them, and you trust the other person to be that as well. That's something that bugs me about the “controlling” guy/gal. They are insecure that their mate is going to leave them, so they feel they have to try hard to keep their mate near them. That just shows they don't trust their mate that they are going to be loyal. I always have the attitude that if she is gong to cheat on me, she will chose to. If she does, that just shows how much of a skank she is, and how she i the end didn't deserve the opportunity I gave her to be with me. She may not know she lost a great opportunity now, but maybe it will hit her like the whisky bottle that her new lover throws at her head.

Back to cheating. The person I was talking to said that he loves his girlfriend, but lusts for the other person he is cheating on her girlfriend with. That to me is nothing but a cop out in that he is not happy with his chick. I've heard this “have it all” mentality in the past, and I think it's garbage. Like I wrote before, you made a commitment to one person, either fully live up to it, or end it and try to find something better. Keep juggling and eventually they both fall down. Pick one and stay with it. What is even more sad is when the person cheated on that stays with the jerkoff that was cheating. All that proves is that the person has no respect for themselves and chose to settle with this asshole due to the fear of being alone. Look, I've probably said this before, but when my dad died, I accepted the fact that I can find myself homeless, broke, and alone. Do I want this to happen? NO. I actually would like to find that right person, maybe have a family. But at the same time, I will NOT suffer with someone just because that's all I could get. If I were to end up alone, so be it. I don't have the fear to break something off if I don't feel as if something isn't right for me.

Now onto my other conversation, which also involves a commitment and sacrifice that one must have totally be able to give. I”m talking about parenting. I know I have talked about it before, but I given the shitheads out there that have found themselves in the news, I felt as if maybe it's time I revisit the subject. I would like to say that if i had my way, any bad parents that are caught being bad parents would be subject to the community being allowed to bludgeon them to death as to have one less problem in society.

I know a lot of people that re about to be parents for the first time, or are good parents already. All of these people I don't have a problem with for the most part. they know what level of commitment and sacrifice was needed and have met it. I”m talking about the “Parasite” parents, who have kids and suck the money out of all their entire family and not contribute to their child. I”m also talking about the “terrorist” parents, who demand things of their relatives or they don't get to see or visit the child. Another example of a fuckup parent s the one who is angry that the child didn't turn out how they wanted, like they wanted one gender but got the other, and try to make the child “fit” into their ideal picture of what they want. The next example of shit parents are the ones who are neglectful parents due to their selfishness. Look in the media at the assholes who abandon their kids in a car like a dog, or leave them home alone because the parents had something to do or somewhere to go. My other irritating example is the “We're broke and can barely afford one child, LETS HAVE ANOTHER OR TWO MORE!!! Then we get more welfare and government assistance!!” That's responsible, use your kids as mealtickets so you don't have to work, and can raise your kids in filth. On the other end of the spectrum are the affluent parents, who hire an army to take care of THEIR kid. So several others are going to take care of the child, and the parents are just subsidizing this and not putting in ANY work to better and care for, and maybe not even interact with their own child, because their career or fun comes first. How the FUCK is that responsible parenting??? Finally, I hate the “it takes a village” mentality parents, when the parents expect anyone 50 feet around them to help take care of the kid for them, mostly because they don't know what the fuck they are doing.

Bottom line: if you can't sacrifice all you have for a child, don't have any. It's that fucking simple. I hate hearing about all these ill-fit mothers are going to have children. the first reaction after this moron said she was pregnant should have involved either a flight of stairs, a hanger, or a swift action by Dr. Martin. It wouldn't be considered an abortion but more like euthanasia so the id didn't have to be raised in such a horrible way. On top of all this, there are perfectly fit and willing people who want children but medically can't. They try the adoption route, which is cool they still want to mold a child into a responsible person, but that is one ball busting ordeal that doesn't guarantee them receiving a kid.

It just boggles my mind, but me living the life of the righteous shows me how much better I am compared to all these morons. I know a lot of people like what I just described, and luckily they aren't anyone I deal with a lot. I choose not to lower myself to their level, I like where I am. Like I said, if the opportunity did come up, I'd love to settle down with someone and have a family, but the situation has to be right. It wont' be a prefect situation, there is never one of those, but the situation has to feel right for me to do all that. Maybe there will be someone out there that is the right fit for me and feels the same way.