by Peter Marus

What a way to spend a day off. looked forward to this day because it would give me an excuse to get some sleep in. Only thing is that I woke up with what I think may be the flu. So since about 6 this morning, my body has ran the gambit of feeling shitty and shittier. I was looking forward to going and getting a new Giants jersey, but I barely got out of my room, let alone the house. When I did get up, all I did was feel the need to lay down. Most of the day has consisted of laying either in bed wishing pain and hurt on those who have pissed me off lately (it was something to keep my mind busy), or sitting on the couch watching TV or whatever I had on my DVR.

I did get to watch a whole episode of that Celebrity Rehab that's on VH-1. It's a tough watch to be honest. I also can't tell who is there legit to get better, who is there to try to restart their careers is a sick way, or who is just there to be exploited. It's not a bad idea in theory, but when you have at best C-list “stars” it loses some of it's impact.

Also been looking around I tunes for some new music. I picked up a Korn Album called “live and Rare”. it's a album they put out full of a bunch of live versions of their hits, and a couple rare tracks that were either hidden on other albums or on obscure soundtracks (“Earache my Eye”-their cover of the Cheech and Chong song, and “Proud” that I think was on the “I know what you did last summer” soundtrack). For the most part, I love it since it shows how good of a live band they are (or were before they moved form being a band to more of an event when it comes to their live shows/albums). I was going to pick up their “unplugged” album, but I can't listen to it. That also goes with their album “See you on the other side”. Not that they are bad albums, but more about what in my past is attached to when I listen to them leaves me in a sad, and quite honestly, an angry place I rather leave in the past.

I”m just trying to figure out what to write here, but I am drawing a blank. So I'll leave you all with a couple videos from Korn and Sevendust-maybe you'll see why I love these bands and see why I think they are the best in rock today. Some of these are the “clean” versions, but that's all I could find:


Korn-Shoots and Ladders

Korn-here to Stay