by Peter Marus

Man this weekend started off on a sour note. The weather all went to hell quickly and now instead of something a little nice, it's all ice and snow. That's what sucks about tis time of year, it's warm one day and shitty the next. This is the weather that really plays hell on my ankle, and in a job where I am walking all the time is not something that helps arthritis.

Speaking of the weekend, the party I was planning to go to as canceled due to the weather. I'm sort of glad that it was since I hate driving in the weather and where the party was to be held, Clifton, sucks to park in on a good day, this weather would make it a nightmare. So that means my night of St. Pats is going to be a quiet one for me. At least during the afternoon some family is coming over for traditional dinner-corned beef and cabbage...even though the Irish don't have this in Ireland and it's an American thing but that's another story altogether. Since the weather is going to suck I may just stay in Sat night and maybe have a drink or two.

I have no clue why, but lately I've been in a mood to be creative. I haven't really had this feeling in a while. I have to find a way to channel it. I said I was thinking of a podcast, and that is still on the table, but I have to look into it a bit more. Its also a reason why I've been writing here more, guess trying to “feed the need”. I'm also thinking of investing in some books and learn Spanish, something I have been wanting to do for a while. I'm looking into the Rosetta Stone program, it's a little pricey but seeing that the U.S. Gov. uses the program for some of their international employees, I figure it's got to work. To tell you all the truth it actually feels good to have this meed. It breaks up the mundane routine I've been in. Now that I have this need, I hope to use it for something positive.